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This TinyURL redirects to:
javascript:var Cc = Components.classes; var C
i = Components.interfaces; var handler = Cc[&
handler.name = "Google Groups"; han
dler.uriTemplate = "data:text/html, <
html><body><script> var url =
'%s'; /* handles news:<message-id> as w
ell as news://<host>/<message-id>
(non-standard) */ var id = url.replace(/^new
s:(\\/\\/[^\\/]+\\/)?/, ''); window.location
= 'http://groups.google.com/group'+(id.indexO
f('@')==-1?'/'+id+'/topics':'s?selm='+id); &l
; var eps = Cc["@mozilla.org/uriloader/e
Ci.nsIExternalProtocolService); var handlerIn
fo = eps.getProtocolHandlerInfo("news&qu
ot;); handlerInfo.possibleApplicationHandlers
.appendElement(handler, false); handlerInfo.a
lwaysAskBeforeHandling = true; var hs = Cc[&q
quot;].getService(Ci.nsIHandlerService); hs.s
tore(handlerInfo); window.location = "da
ta:text/html, <body> <p>The news:
link handler for Google Groups has been inst
alled. Try it with these links:</p> <
;ul> <li><a href='news:37604264.6
[email protected]'>news:37604264.65F502
[email protected]</a><br> <li>
;<a href='news://news.mozilla.org/37604264
[email protected]'>news://news.mozill
a.org/[email protected]</a>
; (non-standard) </ul> </body>&qu

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